All our foundations are made with the same vegetable oils and waxes with only the color pigments varied. Although most commercial brands of liquid make-up contain only 18 to 23 percent of pigment to vehicle and theatrical brands are in the 35 to 40 percent range, the RCMA shades are made with nearly 50 percent pigment to vehicle, giving them a very high degree of coverage on the skin. So less product is needed for desired coverage. RCMA foundations contain much lower percentage of temperature-sensitive materials (oils and Waxes) and therefore a higher percentage of non-temperature-sensitive materials (dry pigment). So these products will produce a make-up application that will last longer and require less touch ups during the day then commercial, consumer grade foundations. For allergic reasons RCMA foundations contain no perfumes, animal extracts, mineral oils or lanolin.

In the following lists, the lighter shades are listed first or with lower numbers, and the following ones increase the tonal value and color saturation in each particular series. Combination shade numbers are equal mixtures – for example, KW-36 is and equal compounding of KW-3 and KW-6 to produce the in between shades.

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*Please Note that colors are matched as best as they could. they are not going to be a perfect match to the real shade due to the fact that everyones computer screens are different. We recommend you go to a store that sells RCMA and test the colors in person for a complete accurate color comparison. If  there are no stores near you, at Camera ready cosmetics online, you can buy a sample of a color.

Foundations are sold in 1 oz, 3/8 oz and 1/8 oz sizes.